Slurpp On This! Roc-n-Ramen is taking Westchester by storm, one Slurpie at a time!

My goal for Roc N Ramen is to create a fun and exciting environment for all who come to dine. You will be greeted by a warm and friendly staff, we want you to feel at home!

This will be a interactive dining experience!! I would tell you what it is but what fun would that be!! 

My love and passion for ramen and it's history has driven me to open one of the first ramen houses in New Rochelle NY. Roc N Ramen will be the quincentennial place to dine and enjoy having a great home cooked meal with family, so stop by and enjoy great atmosphere and good friends while SLURPING on our fresh home made Ramen soup. By the way if you don't no how to SLURP myself or one of my wonderful staff will show you!!

For a list of all our vendors click here!

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